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A James Home Services mobile coffee franchise, “Coffee with James” gives you the opportunity to manage your own mobile coffee franchise business in great locations all over Australia!


The mobile coffee business is a rapidly growing market with huge potential for franchisee owners. The gold medal service that James Home Services has been famous for Australia wide is now moving into the mobile coffee business. All Coffee with James mobile vans are appointed with the highest quality equipment and supplies.

Join Australia’s favourite service franchise backed up by the national support team.

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James coffee franchise

Is a Coffee with James Franchise a Fun Business?

James Mobile Coffee franchise

Coffee with James is a fun business

Is running a Coffee with James franchises fun?

Hell Yeh!


First of all we sell awesome coffee and we get to drink as much as we like.

Pumped already!

Here is Ian Schubert of Coffee with James Ipswich joining in with some of his regulars after the coffee buzz has kicked in!

Coffee with James Ipswich

The Coffee with James Buzz has kicked it!

Second,we have a business that gives us the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people from all walks of life.

Third,everyone loves seeing the coffee guy!When they’re hanging out for a coffee,the coffee guy is the best looking person around.

Coffee with James is fun

Mark Stuart Coffee with James Atherton,and a happy customer getting ready for the solar eclipse

Finally,We are all successful business owners who took control of our life’s and joined a group of like minded individuals.

James coffee franchise

We are proud to be our own bosses!

Success shared is success double!

This is  a fun exciting business opportunity!

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From Grass to Coffee with James,Atherton


Coffee with James

From Grass to Coffee with James

In July of 2012 Faith and I started the very first Coffee With James franchise in Atherton, Far North Queensland.

For the previous four and half years we owned and operated a very successful James lawn and garden business in the same area, we decided to sell the business and try something new, and coffee was that something new.


Now going from mowing lawns every day to serving quality coffees was not easy. Mowing  lawns is not a high talk business, you see your clients for a few minutes before you start the job, and then again at the end, so the social part of the business is quite small, it’s all about the final finish of the job.

And then there is coffee. When you think about coffee, you think, friends, catch ups, gossip and good times, and of course quality coffee.  So in the coffee business it’s all about the conversation.  You talk all day, and about everything, you get asked, where does you coffee come from? How long have you been in the industry? You learn a lot about peoples personal lives, what coffees they like, what coffees they don’t like and why.  The most challenging part is remembering all this information they are giving you, because you MUST remember their coffee order and exactly how they like it.

So I get asked a lot, which is easier? Mowing lawns or serving coffee? Well up to a few weeks ago I would have said mowing lawns, simply because it was what I knew best. Then I did some sums.


We recently had a personal best week in a coffee franchise of $5500.00, served about 1160 coffees over the course of a week or 50 hours, now yes that is a lot of coffees, now let’s put that into lawns. To do $5500.00 mowing lawns in just one week, you need to mow at least 110 lawns, now if each lawn takes you 1 hour to complete, that’s 110 hours of work plus travel time and breaks to eat and drink

So now the sums are done, when someone asks me which is easier, it’s now Coffee all the way.

James Home Services
Faith & Mark Stuart of Coffee with James Atherton

The other most common question I am asked by franchisees is does the system work with the Coffee business.  Well the short answer is yes.  The coffee business is no different the any of the home services businesses, they are all business and the principles are the same.  So then I’m asked, but you would have change things, like marketing, because you couldn’t market to homes. Yes you are right, you don’t market to homes, we market to business, schools, clubs, councils and industrial estates, just the same as car detailers.  The system doesn’t change, the system works no matter what business you have, all you need to do is go out and use it.


That’s what I love about it, someone else has gone out and developed it, worked it, changed it to make it work better, then given it to us to use and make our businesses a success.

Follow the system and success will be yours.


Mark Stuart

Coffee with James


Win Free Coffee with James

Mobile Coffee van franchise

Win Free Coffee with James

Great coffee to your door is our guarantee.

This week Robert James & Owen Coogan (Coffee with James franchisee) delivered free coffee to Bill & Annette Sym.

Annette is the author of the Simply Too Good to Be True Cook books.http://www.symplytoogood.com.au/

The Coffee with James team delivered high quality


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We have the best coffee in the world!

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A day in the life of a Coffee with James’ Barrista


A day in the life of Coffee with James Barrista

I just wanted to share an experience that I had today as a barrista working out of the Coffee with James’ Van. While doing my daily marketing; I decided to stop in at the local primary state school in my area; because what teacher doesn’t like coffee! The first thing that I noticed was that it was lunch time, and that all of the teachers looked particularly in need of a coffee.

I dropped in to the office and spoke to a lovely receptionist; I asked her if she had some one that provided the school with a mobile coffee service. She replied with that yes they did have someone who already serviced them, to this I asked her how often this person came to the school. To this she replied that he only came in one day a week, I asked the receptionist if she would consider having Coffee with James’ come Monday to Thursday to provide her with coffee, at this point was when the receptionist asked me if I had a minimum coffee purchase.

This stumped me, “what do you mean by that” I asked; this was when the receptionist proceed to explain that they used to have a man who serviced them with coffee until he began to demand that they order I minimum of 15 coffees every time because otherwise it was just not “worth his while”. After assuring the lady that at Coffee with James’ we had no minimum purchase and would prepare as many coffees as the customers required, the receptionist assured me that she would speak with the principal and get her approval for me to be at the school. I took the school’s number and organised a time to follow up, and left to continue my marketing for the day.

I barely got out onto the road before I had a phone call from the receptionist I spoke to, she told me that they would have a car park cordoned off for me and they wanted me Monday to Thursday twice a day.

Tomorrow I am going into the school at lunchtime to do a trial run and to find out where they want the van to park. From there I will be servicing the school at 8am before school starts and 11am during lunch, Monday to Friday and all because Coffee with James’ provides gold medal service and their customers are their number one priority.


Coffee with James


Can you make money selling Coffee out of the back of a James VW Caddy van ?

James Home Services Coffee franchise

Can you make money selling coffee out of the back of VW caddy?

If someone said to me 10 years ago that I could make money selling Coffee out of the back of a Caddy van I would have laughed in their face.

4 Weeks ago my wife Faith and I started the very first Coffee With James mobile Coffee van in Atherton, Far North Queensland.  Right from day one the response has been amazing.  We have booked over 15 weekend events, with more coming in everyday, and are servicing our local industrial areas and shopkeepers in town.  Each day we go out the demand for our product and services grow.

The one thing we are constantly hearing is..”I didn’t know James did Coffee” we are then very happy to tell them that we are the first van in Australia and are paving the way for this new franchise.  The second most common thing is..”wow, you guys are doing everything! I have your cleaners or mowing guy come to my house, now I can get a great coffee as well, how awesome is that”


James Mobile coffee franchise

Mark & Faith Stuart,Coffee with James, Atherton,Qld.

We love it when our customers tell us how good our coffee is. Its hot, it tastes good and it gets delivered to them.


This is a very exciting time for both Faith and I, as we are getting in on the ground level.  We are helping to develop systems, modify the vans to be more efficient, and help pave the way for the next Coffee With James Franchisee.

The best part about buying a Coffee With James Franchisee is that you don’t need to know anything about coffee.  Up until 4 weeks ago I had never made a coffee in my life, and I certainly didn’t know the difference between and flat white, long black and a macchiato.  I also don’t drink Coffee, but that hasn’t stopped me.  We have done a Barrista course and did a lot of practise in the garage, the neighbours loved us, they got heaps of free coffee while we were learning.

Now, making quality coffee does require some skill, but thanks to the training systems we now have in place, we can have you making beautiful coffees in no time.

If you are looking to do something completely different, I can highly recommend a Coffee With James Franchise.

This is fun!

Mark Stuart

Coffee with James

Quality Coffee to You!